The American Freedom Association provides the Oscar K. Merritt Scholarship Awards and arranges the Seminar/Tour including bus transport, lodging, scheduling, tour coordinators, and an awards dinner in Washington, DC.
Each high school registers its participation with the American Freedom Association program coordinator.  The school then arranges and judges its own essay contest.  The winning student and a teacher/chaperone participate in a seminar/tour of the United Nations in New York and of Capital Hill in Washington.  The tour group often meets with government officials and specialists from all over the world.
While on the tour, four scholarship winners are announced and present their papers at an awards dinner.  All students on the tour are invited, expenses paid, to attend the annual Southeastern World Affairs Institute in July.  Scholarship winners are invited to present their papers and receive their scholarship awards at the Institute.  Scholarships are administered by the American Freedom Association Treasurer and paid directly to the winners.
The Oscar K. Merritt Scholarship High School Issues Study Program Esaay topic for 2009-2010 was "How should the United Nations effectively enforce the Law of the Sea Treaty against nations that directly violate its provisions via fishing, pollution, and piracy?"
The topic for the 2010-2011 Study Program is "How can the United Nations encourage nations to go "green"?
The essay finalists travel to New York and Washington in March with accompanying adults and teachers. Please contact us for more information.


Oscar K. Merritt Scholarship Awards